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David Yrigoyen: The Booming Industry of Cannabis

David Yrigoyen: The Booming Industry of Cannabis


Cannabis has exploded in the last few years, and here in Arizona, it was just recently passed into law that it can be used recreationally. As this industry continues to grow and shows no signs of stopping, we wanted to learn more about the ins and outs of Cannabis!
For this episode, we are chatting with David Yrigoyen, founder of the Natural Healing Care Center in Tucson, Arizona. His mission is to help people utilize Cannabis in a holistic manner, which means maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle (with Cannabis as part of that), so we can all live to our fullest potential – harnessing the power of plants and alternative medicines.
Catch this episode if…
1. You want to learn more about the growing Cannabis industry.
2. You have a personal story of chronic pain (like David!) and are wondering if Cannabis is right for you.
3. How to utilize Cannabis holistically as part of your overall healthy lifestyle.

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