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Hair & Healing with Hairstylist and Transformational Energy Coach, Mora Steele

Hair & Healing with Hairstylist and Transformational Energy Coach, Mora Steele

If you are ever wondering about trusting the clues in your life to guide your journey, look no further than today’s podcast guest, Mora Steele. Mora spent a lot of her life jumping from one thing to the next, always game to try new things but once she started to listen to her soul and seeing the signs on her path, she quickly found her journey and purpose. Uniquely blending hairstyling skills with healing Reiki energy, and now a certified transformational energy coach, Mora works with people to uncover their blocks, feel into themselves, find their own souls’ purpose, and uncover their own flashlight to help shine the way for themselves and others. Mora doesn’t just give you a new hairstyle, but she gladly works with you on a new life path! This episode will give you all the chills and feels!

Tune into this episode if you want to learn more about:

1) Listening to your gut about what is actually calling you forward in life, and how best to serve with intention.

2) Finding your own transformational spiritual path and what that means in terms of your own self-growth and evolution.

3) What your hair can tell you about your life, and the possibilities of energetic healing on all levels.


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