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Investing in Your Health + Aging Well with Personal Trainer Heidi Weinberg

Investing in Your Health + Aging Well with Personal Trainer Heidi Weinberg

We all know that aging well is something to strive for, but we can forget on the day-to-day how very critical it is for all of us! On today’s podcast, we speak with Personal Trainer, Heidi Weinberg who specializes in working with an older demographic, and those who have Parkinson’s. Certified as a “Delay the Disease” specialist, Heidi wants each of us to make that investment in our health and to start working now towards our “physical retirement” and key components to living a happy, healthy, and long life. We also chat about her mid-life career change and working to follow a new dream, ultimately which led to Heidi being in service to others, and where she wants to head to next!

Tune in to learn more about:

1. Delay the Disease organization and how it is helping those with Parkinson’s.

2. The importance of investing in your “physical retirement”.

3. Aging well with the help of professionals and accessing those professionals from anywhere in the world!

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