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The Esthetics Journey with Ashly Thomas

The Esthetics Journey with Ashly Thomas

Okay – you’ve got to make sure you stay until the end of this episode which is potentially the best ending to a podcast recording EVER. Trust us. And it will also help to know that Ashly is Rosemary’s sister and that is all we are going to say.

Otherwise, listen to today’s episode for a really enlightening conversation about making the transition from full-time employment to full-time entrepreneurship. Ashly is currently a nurse, working to become full-time as a medical esthetician and owning her own company, Native Skin Bar. This is a fabulous deep dive for other medical estheticians, to be sure, but also for all other entrepreneurs out there. Ashly is extremely intentional and thoughtful about each business move she makes – both to protect her clients, herself and her property (her injection clinic is on her home property), and being in compliance.

Grab that face mask (the next best thing if you can’t snag an appointment with Ashly), and listen in for the following:

1. How to ask important questions about who are you reaching as your potential client base, and where are they? Tip — social media doesn’t always win the day.

2. How you can build your life and your business as you want it, step by step.

3. You have to put in the time and effort, and while it may be hard at times, you will succeed. Don’t allow room for failure.


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