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Your Digital Products Mastermind with Jana Bishop

Your Digital Products Mastermind with Jana Bishop

It’s here!! We are kicking off Season 2 of Curated Conversations and we have quite the line-up this season! We are so thrilled to bring you another group of amazing entrepreneurs, continuing to go in-depth into what makes them tick, and bringing tips and tricks for all of you out there. In today’s episode, we are chatting with a familiar face here at Artisan, Jana Bishop – a long-time business pal of Rosemary’s. Jana has her fingerprints all over the digital product world and knows what it’s like to offer up a variety of options for the consumer, building what grows, acknowledging and learning from what fails, and always seeing the humans behind the purchase.

A 6-figure income earner this past year with her Lightroom Pre-Sets alone, Jana has defined herself in the digital product space and is always evolving. If you are looking to hear an inspirational conversation about carving out your own niche in a saturated digital space, and the mindset shift that can help you get there, this conversation is for you! Grab your pen and paper, and take notes to learn about the following:

1. Why it’s important to have multiple digital offerings and how to create them for people who are always in different phases of their life.

2. The “Good, Better, Best” Mindset. Learn about creating a “good” product, that is accessible for most consumers, which leads to creating a “better” option as you niche higher, finishing with the “best” option. An ascension model at its finest.

3. A reminder that good is better than not done at all. We frequently chase perfection and in that effort, we might not deliver in the end. So get to your good, and keep moving forward.


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