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Enhance Your Life: From Academia + Law School to Pilates Instructor with Cassie Cumings-Peterson

Enhance Your Life: From Academia + Law School to Pilates Instructor with Cassie Cumings-Peterson

Our journey in life is often not a straight one, and Cassie’s story is of a woman making the brave choice to step away from what she thought she “should” do, to follow what her heart was saying.

In this episode, Cassie chats with us about her less than traditional path to becoming a Pilates instructor, opening up her own in-home studio, and running a successful Pilates business! From an academic to a lawyer, she has found her passion in helping others in body movement and holistic wellness.

If you have ever wanted to make a leap into the unknown and follow what lights you up, this episode is for you.

3 reasons you should give this episode a listen:
1. Take courage from Cassie’s leap of faith into a new venture and how she created a new life day-by-day, step-by-step, even though she initially thought she would never be a Pilates instructor.
2. Find out the creative ways Cassie pivoted to a fully online business during Covid.
3. Learn that being an entrepreneur sometimes means doing things we don’t think we can do, but ultimately with faith and trust, we can accomplish anything.

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Also! Join Cassie and Northwoods Pilates as they are launching their 3rd Annual Summer Pilates Challenge. The Challenge is to complete 12 Pilates sessions in 8 weeks and you will win a free Challenge t-shirt. Or, if you complete 24 sessions in 8 weeks, you’ll win your t-shirt and be entered into a drawing for their grand prize. The new twist this year is that they are adding a step-counting component which people can either do along with their Pilates or on its own. You can find all of the info here: and anyone who is interested in signing up can sign up through that link as well.

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