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Serving Community, One Haircut at a Time with Leah Fitts of Leah Fitts Beauty Design

Serving Community, One Haircut at a Time with Leah Fitts of Leah Fitts Beauty Design


Exciting news! This is the first episode in our “Beauty Business” series, where we dive into conversation with experts in the beauty industry. Today we are chatting with Leah Fitts, who has been in this world, a la hair, for over 200 years, according to her! We know that social media today can portray everyone in their “17th chapter” with successes and wins, but we often forget the long road to getting there. Leah talks about the time and effort it took to build her business to what it is today, and how she felt the great impact of Covid but was able to create new opportunities for growth in ways she didn’t anticipate.

Delivering hair care is only part of the job, as the people who come to sit in her chair are there for the community, the love, the real talk, and the overall wellness that Leah embodies for each of her clients. An inspiring story of how grit, faith, and looking at the world in your own way will help you carve out your own path.

Come listen in if you want to learn about:
1. What your very first chapter in running your own business may look like, and how to take your time to get to chapter 17.
2. The varying roles of entrepreneurship – you really do run a one-person show sometimes!
3. How to know when to kick it into grind mode, versus taking time to set boundaries and enjoy the life you are working hard for!


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