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Living in Alignment, with Calliope Scherrer

Living in Alignment, with Calliope Scherrer

Born into a family of Tarot readers, Calliope Scherrer of Powerhouse Priestess is redefining what it means to be a business owner, and shaking up the evolution of the business mindset. And we are here for it! In today’s conversation, we dive deep into the journey Calliope has taken, which included a lot of leaps of faith, time off for deep spiritual healing, and listening to the Divine for inspiration on how to serve others.

Providing business strategy and content, along with mindset and spiritual guidance and healing, Calliope navigates the masculine structure of business while incorporating the divine feminine for wisdom and intuition. Make sure to get grounded and then dive into this inspiring conversation about following your soul’s journey, no matter the winding road.

Tune in to hear more about:

1) How living out of alignment came into focus for Calliope, despite huge success, financial wins, and a thriving business. And how she had to change that.

2) Changing your business mindset from “what are my perfect client avatars?” to “when living in alignment and recognizing my gifts means I will attract those I’m meant to serve” changes the entire ballgame.

3) How to work with your soulmate clients, recognizing when your intuition speaks to you, and what your energetic blueprint says!

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