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Embodying Your Style + Energy, with Dulce Badillo

Embodying Your Style + Energy, with Dulce Badillo

We’ve all had that moment (pretty much every morning) where you are standing naked in your closet and deliberating for far too long about what to wear. But it goes beyond that, into how you want to feel, and sometimes, deciding how you want to feel is the ultimate barrier to choosing the right outfit for you. If you’ve ever struggled with this exact scenario, pull on that bathrobe, grab a hot chocolate, and listen to today’s episode with personal stylist and energy coach, Dulce Badillo.

Having spent years working retail, and always having fashion and style as part of her life, Dulce works with both women and men, in choosing clothes that authentically embody who they are and how they wish to present themselves to the world. Coupled with her energy coaching, Dulce helps others to recognize their energy is their everything, and that includes their styling and way of dress.

Listen in for the following:

1) What you surround yourself in (people, tv, content) creates your own energy and what you emit to the world, including how you dress. Never underestimate the power of what you wear.

2) You can make incremental changes, small, tiny ones each day, and over time, you’ll realize that you have actually spurred massive growth — most likely without realizing it.

3) We aren’t meant to stay stagnant, but to grow and evolve constantly. And our dress and clothing is meant to do that as well.

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