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Changing Your Life with Your Breath, with Jennifer Redden

Changing Your Life with Your Breath, with Jennifer Redden

You may have heard of Reiki. You may have heard of Acupuncture, Polarity Therapy, Ayuerveda, and TCM. But have you heard of Quantum Breath Activation? Yup. Nor us. So buckle up for a fascinating episode on today’s podcast and take a deep dive into another healing modality for you living your very best life.

Today we chat with Jennifer Redden, founder and owner of Orange Sky Wellness, and her journey to being a Quantum Breath Activator, which is a 3-step journey including the breath, emotional mastery, and access to the Quantum (energy). Breathing can, actually, change your life. Take a deep breath with us and tune in to learn more about the following:

1) What is quantum breathing, and how can it be helpful in your every day?

2) How each human emits a frequency, and we need to tune into what we are broadcasting to ourselves, others, and the universe. Check your frequency!

3) There isn’t space between us (the humans of the world), but pure energy and how we receive it, exchange it, and send it out is mission critical to living a life of abundance and joy, versus scarcity and lack.

Resources from the show:
IG: @itsjennredden
LinkedIn: Jennifer J Redden –
The Universe in a Single Atom, by the Dali Lama

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