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Shifting Your Mindset, with Clarita Escalante, Certified Transformational Nutrition Health Coach

Shifting Your Mindset, with Clarita Escalante, Certified Transformational Nutrition Health Coach

Everybody grab an apple and buckle up for today’s episode with fellow AZ local, female entrepreneur and CEO, and transformational health coach, Clarita Escalante. This is not a conversation to be missed as Clarita begins her story with the unforgettable moment of receiving a cancer diagnosis. After spending almost a year in “victim mode”, and asking the universe why she was the one to have to walk this path, she decided she needed to change her mindset instead.

Fast forward and she is now running her own business and helping people from all over the world tune into their health, not only by the foods they are eating but by aligning their emotional and spiritual health. If the body and mind aren’t aligned, a true path to holistic wellness cannot be achieved. Clarita started asking the right questions, changed her perspective, and realized she had a new fire underneath her, not only for herself but for others.

Listen in for the following insight and inspiration:

1) If you are eating well, but your mind isn’t treating you well, it won’t matter how clean you are eating or how many salads you devour. Your body will know it still hosts a toxic environment of thinking.

2) What is holistic health? It’s the intersection between mindset to soul to nutrition to movement.

3) Whole-body healing means not just the physical, but diving into the inner self, and seeking those shadows and wounds, letting them come to the surface to heal.

Find Clarita below!

Instagram: @the_clarita_escalante
Facebook: The Clarita Escalante

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