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The Beauty of Interior Design, with Mackenzie Collier

The Beauty of Interior Design, with Mackenzie Collier

In today’s episode, we are chatting with another local female entrepreneur in the valley, and now we are inspired to do a complete makeover of our home! Mackenzie initially started her career with an education background in Psychology which helped to propel her forward on a less-than-traditional path, towards interior design!

Offering interior design that is “not your mother-in-law’s” designer, she has built a wonderfully successful business over the last decade +, empowering homeowners to not only love their space but to take the leap of faith to intuitively listen to HOW they want to feel in their space. Creating a unique business model that doesn’t adhere to the traditional interior designer world, Mackenzie is working hard to cultivate an inclusive and welcoming community, both for her team and their clients!

Do a little Feng Shui around the house while you listen in for the following:

1) How utilizing your skillset in a different way and thinking outside the box can put you on an unexpected path in life!

2) Honing the ability to recognize that building your business, and also focusing on business development, are 2 very separate things!

3) What the journey of this designer, now business owner, has looked like – and it’s not exactly what you would think!

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