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Navigating the World of Real Estate, with Candice Boller

Navigating the World of Real Estate, with Candice Boller

We’ve all witnessed the insanity of the housing and real estate market these past few years and it leaves you with a lot of questions! It certainly scares some people, real estate agents, and buyers/sellers alike, but not our podcast guest on today’s episode! In our conversation with Candice, a real estate agent here in the Phoenix-Metro Valley, she is taking the bull by the horns, and crushing it in finding families their dream homes, working especially closely with first-time home buyers.

After leaving corporate America, Candice is one of the rare few that works in real estate full time, and she has had a front-row seat to the ever-changing landscape of the housing market. Determined to help folks in any way she can, she is running her own business, has created her own app, is killing it on TikTok, and in general, busting the traditional methods of how to “do” real estate. And we are here for it!

Hop in the car and cruise the neighborhood for those “For Sale” signs, and listen in for the following:

1) The impact of the last few years on the real estate market, and how shortages across the board affect us all.

2) Dreaming of owning that AirBnB as a secondary (or primary) source of income? Know that it’s totally possible if you do it right!

3) How to do what you love, run your own business, and still find that sometimes elusive, work-life balance!

Find Candice below:

Her app:
tiktok – @arizonahomeswithcandice

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