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The Ultimate Hype-Woman + Accountability Coach, with Heidi Busche

The Ultimate Hype-Woman + Accountability Coach, with Heidi Busche

She’s back! One of our very favorite guests from season 1, the illustrious Heidi Busche, is back and joining us for another amazing and brilliant episode this week. When we first spoke with Heidi, she was working in the relationship & dating space, and over time, realized that her love for working 1-1 with clients could be expanded! Mid-pandemic, she pivoted her entire business and is now working with clients from all backgrounds as a micro-strategist and accountability coach, helping female entrepreneurs stay on track to realize their business dreams.

Today we are talking about one of the most critical points of owning and running your own business: you must lead with the gifts you are given, and the clients will come. Not the other way around. Which means it’s time to throw out that ideal client portfolio you’ve been building the last 9 months. Instead, a successful business means doing the things you love, knowing your business is not someone else’s business, but your unique gift to the world. When you come from the heart and do what feels aligned, that is what will launch you into the stratosphere.

Put your feet up, grab the notepad, and listen in for the following (and so much more!):

1. When building a business, you should think about the benefits you are providing, not the client avatar you are pursuing.

2. Enough of the masculine hustle. You heard us. Yes, it will take work and tenacity, but when you align with your gifts and open yourself up to share those with the world, it will actually all just flow. Leave the force behind.

3. Seasonality is key. Know that there are certain seasons for certain things to be accomplished. Realize that change and growth never cease, which will allow you to loosen the reins, and find success easily.

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